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Affiliates Domain Parking

An affiliate can earn easy money with their domain name portfolio through Admanage, a leader in the domain monetization industry. Change inactive or ‘under construction’ domains that are losing you money into a source of profit.

How does Domain parking work?


First, users often search for websites by simply entering a domain name or search term into the navigation bar of their browser. This is a method of searching that is used to find information quickly. It is commonly called direct navigation or type-in traffic. Users will type in words like “hotels” or “advertising” and add a .com at the end. (For example: This is a more targeted search that brings quick results and helps to avoid dealing with the hassle of search engines.

Second, by using direct navigation, users will arrive naturally to your domain landing page. In order to make you money, our PreciseAD technology targets the most relevant keywords and fills your domain home page with links and paid sponsored content. The links displayed are changed based on the original search keywords. They are meant to entice a user to click further in order to improve their search.

Third, after a user has continued with their exploration and clicked on an ad from the appropriate selections displayed, they are taken to an advertiser’s website.

How Do Affiliates Make Money?

Affiliates earn a standard 60/40 Revshare for each link or advertisement clicked. (Large volume affiliates may receive a higher revenue share)

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How Domain Parking Work

Benefits of Domain Parking

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